August 6, 2020

Alabama Media Portal 2.0 – Press Releases

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TO:  All Providers

All previously published expiration dates
related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency are once again extended by the
Alabama Medicaid Agency (Medicaid). The new expiration date is the earlier of
September 30, 2020, the conclusion of the COVID-19 national emergency, or any
expiration date noticed by the Alabama Medicaid Agency through a subsequent

A listing of previous Provider Alerts and
notices related to the health emergency is available by selecting the Agency’s
COVID-19 page in the bottom section:

During the COVID-19 emergency, it is important
to file claims as quickly as possible to ensure payment from Medicaid is made
to Medicaid providers close to the date of service. The Centers for Medicare
and Medicaid Services has increased the federal matching percentage for the
emergency time frame, but states can only receive the increased match on claims
that are paid during the emergency. Providers should include appropriate
COVID-19 diagnosis code(s) on claims submitted to help with tracking of

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