WINS is an International Gender Champion and a Gender Champion for Women in Nuclear Policy and aims to encourage women to consider a career in areas of nuclear security where they are not necessarily well represented including law enforcement, guarding, and response force roles in the context of the civil nuclear sector.

The webinar will be held between 4pm and 5pm on Friday 9 October and will discuss the importance of a diverse and inclusive sector for the armed policing services and the importance of the role of women in armed policing.

CNC officers speaking at the event will be our Chief Constable Simon Chesterman QPM, who is also the national lead for armed policing; Assistant Chief Constable Louise Harrison, an advocate for women and visible minorities in policing; Ch Supt Duncan Worsell MBE, who will reflect on the first Women in Armed Policing Conference held in the UK in 2019; and Supt Donna Jones, an advocate for women and LGBT people in policing, and an active member of Women in Nuclear UK (WiN).

Ch Supt Duncan Worsell said: “The CNC employs over 1,500 police officers and members of staff at nuclear sites throughout the UK and we are pleased that our number of female Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) exceeds the national average, however it is still only 15% of our total number of AFOs so we recognise we have much work to do in this area.

“Taking part in events such as the WINS webinar is important as it allows us to reach a wide and diverse audience and showcase exactly what we can offer women who join the CNC. We are committed to championing the role women play in the policing and nuclear sectors and this event is another chance for us to do so.”

To register for the event and find out more about it, please visit the WINS event page of their website. To register to take part in the webinar, visit the event registration page

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