October 6, 2020 — Ottawa, ON — Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada — Missanabie Cree First Nation

As Canada continues its journey of reconciliation and renewal with First Nations, we need to confront our history and work together in partnership to find shared solutions that address the wrongs of the past and help build a better, more inclusive future for everyone in Canada.

Today, Chief Jason Gauthier and the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations announced that the Missanabie Cree First Nation and the Government of Canada have taken a major step forward on the path of reconciliation and renewal by concluding a negotiated settlement to address a past wrong that dates back over 110 years.

Achieved through partnership and dialogue, the settlement resolves the First Nation’s longstanding Treaty Land Entitlement Claim. The claim relates to the reserve land the First Nation was promised under Treaty No. 9 and should have received over 110 years ago. When the First Nation adhered to the treaty in 1906, they were promised reserve land for their people, but did not receive a reserve land base until 2018. The settlement Canada and the First Nation have now concluded honours this outstanding treaty obligation and helps right this past wrong.

The settlement provided the First Nation with approximately $150 million in financial compensation and the ability to add up to 3,200 acres to their reserve land base. It marks a new beginning for the Missanabie Cree First Nation, creating new opportunities for the First Nation to invest in community and economic development for the future benefit of its community.

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