“This park project, Governor, has been the dream of the people in this county for a generation,” Senator Trump said. “The truth is, Governor, although a lot of people have thought, ‘Yeah, that would be a great idea if the state would make an investment in Cacapon.’ Politicians, over the years, have come here and talked about it; a lot of talking, but it didn’t happen until you became the Governor.

“I attribute it, in part, to the vision that you have, which is the result of coming from a business background, and being really the first Governor we’ve ever had in this state that really understands the hospitality and tourism industry,” Trump continued. “There is going to be a return on this investment. This is going to return dollars to the state, to the taxpayers, to the people making investment, but it’s also going to help grow the economy for the whole area, and it’s going to give people a new perspective of West Virginia, new opportunities to travel here, and I couldn’t be happier that I am today.”

“We are changing the state of West Virginia,” Senator Blair said. “It was the horsepower of this Governor that did it.

“You think like a businessman,” Blair continued. “That applies to this project. It also applies to the bypass project.

“Today is a wonderful day,” Speaker Pro Tempore Cowles said. “I’ve walked around all day smiling, because today has been a long time coming.

“I thank you, Governor,” Cowles continued. “It was you that came and delivered for us. We appreciate it and it’s going to make a difference.”

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