November 10, 2020 – Ottawa-Gatineau – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

The CRTC’s Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer (CCEO) has taken a number of enforcement actions, including issuing over $100,000 in penalties, against several real estate, investment and mortgage agents and brokerages. The agents and brokerages hired a telemarketing firm to recruit prospective clients, which did not abide by the CRTC’s Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules.

The Commission received over 1,000 complaints related to the third-party telemarketer from 2012 to 2017. Canadians reported to have received telemarketing calls from individuals who were soliciting the services of real estate agents, investment brokers or mortgage brokers.

Among other things, individuals and businesses who hire a firm to make calls on their behalf must ensure that the telemarketer is updating its calling list and that no calls are being made to consumers whose telephone numbers have been registered on the National Do Not Call List for more than 31 days. Should the telemarketer fail to do so, the contracting individual or business can be held liable for their violations. 

As part of this investigation, the CRTC issued 44 citations, 258 warning letters and 23 notices of violation with penalties totaling $103,300.

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