The contribution will help enhance the sustainability and productivity of the fish and seafood sector

November 10, 2020 – Quebec City, Quebec

The governments of Canada and Quebec are announcing funding of close to $2 million to improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of Quebec’s fish and seafood sector. The Government of Canada’s contribution to these seven projects amounts to $1,637,943, and the Government of Quebec’ contribution is $189,672.

For five years, the Quebec Fisheries Fund (QFF) will support projects in the areas of innovation, science partnerships, commercial fisheries infrastructure, aquaculture, and processing, which increase the value of high‑quality fish and seafood products from sustainable sources, and help position Quebec’s fish and seafood sector for continued long‑term growth.

The combined contributions of the federal and provincial governments total $42.8 million in investments in the QFF, which will create opportunities and increase the market value of high‑quality fish and seafood products from sustainable practices in Quebec.

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