Ottawa, Ontario, November 18 2020 – The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) has released its National Cyber Threat Assessment 2020.

This public report, based on both classified and unclassified sources, identifies current trends in the cyber threat environment, the likelihood that these cyber threats will occur, and how Canadians could be affected.

The second iteration of our unclassified assessment notes that the number of cyber threat actors is increasing, and they are becoming more sophisticated, that cybercrime will almost certainly continue to be the cyber threat most likely to affect Canadians and that Ransomware attacks will almost certainly continue to target large enterprises and critical infrastructure providers.

We have assessed that state-sponsored actors will almost certainly continue to attempt to steal Canadian intellectual property and proprietary information, especially related to COVID-19.

In addition, the assessment details that actors are very likely working to develop cyber capabilities to disrupt Canadian infrastructure, such as the electricity supply, to further their goals. However, we judge that in the absence of international hostilities, in is unlikely that state-sponsored actors would intentionally disrupt Canadian critical infrastructure.

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