The principle of “Nothing without us” is at the core of Accessibility Standards Canada’s mandate. Yesterday, the organization put that into action by hosting its first annual public meeting online, along with over 500 participants.

Under the theme “Making Canada Accessible – Join us”, the meeting was an opportunity for the public to engage with the organization on key accessibility topics. These included accessible service deliveries, emergency measures, and emerging accessibility barriers.

Canadians were invited to share thoughts and ask questions about accessibility areas related to Accessibility Standards Canada’s mandate. They also had the opportunity to learn about the organization’s achievements and plans for the future.


Accessibility Standards Canada’s mandate is to help make Canada a place without barriers to accessibility. They will do this by:

  • Creating and revising accessibility standards;
  • Supporting accessibility research; and
  • Sharing accessibility information related to its mandate.

Their focus is to develop and revise accessibility standards for federally regulated organizations and government of Canada departments and agencies.

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