EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector (RGV) expands its technological capabilities to reduce the number of migrant deaths. 

To address the increase in the number of lost migrants requiring rescue in desolate ranch lands, several rescue beacons have been deployed in the Falfurrias and Kingsville ranch areas. The rescue beacons have been deployed in areas that will have the greatest impact on rescue efforts.  Rescue beacons are equipped with lights and signage, making it visible to lost and distressed subjects from a distance. Currently, 18 rescue beacons are deployed throughout the Rio Grande Valley Sector.  By the end of the fiscal year, RGV will have 48 rescue beacons deployed.

In addition, nearly 1,000 rescue placards are deployed in areas throughout the Rio Grande Valley.  These placards are designed to inform migrants to call 911 and are uniquely numbered giving rescue personnel coordinates to their location. These lifesaving efforts will expand Border Patrol’s capabilities thus saving countless lives. As the temperatures rise in South Texas, the health risks to smuggled migrants increase.

Dehydration, heat stroke, and death are all too common in smuggling attempts through desolate areas. Border Patrol urges migrants not to jeopardize their lives by illegally entering the United States.

The public is encouraged to take a stand against crime in their communities and to help save lives by reporting suspicious activity at 800-863-9382.

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