Following President Joe Biden’s announcement of the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo released the following statement:

“Today represents a historic accomplishment that will transform our economy, create millions of good-paying jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to outcompete on the global stage. This framework is a momentous step forward in delivering for the American people and will benefit millions of American workers, businesses and communities.

“This framework provides long overdue investments in some of our most critical sectors that drive our economy, such as a historic $65 billion investment in broadband infrastructure to connect every American to reliable high-speed internet. The pandemic exposed how essential access to affordable, reliable broadband is to our everyday lives. Too many rural, tribal and minority communities do not have the access needed to go to school or work remotely, or access critical services like telemedicine. This bipartisan plan will bridge the digital divide and ensure no community is left behind.

“As the President has said – we’ve spent too much time competing with one another, and not nearly enough competing with the rest of the world to win the 21st century. We have a moment to show the world that democracies can succeed in tackling our biggest challenges and that America can lead by example. Today’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is our opportunity to do that. We are demonstrating that you can work across the aisle to deliver a big, bold plan with bipartisan support.

“Our work is not done. President Biden himself outlined critical priorities, such as investing in the Care Economy, that are not included in this package but remain critical components of our economic recovery and need to be included in the accompanying reconciliation package. I look forward to working with members of Congress to pass and implement the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework as part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda.”

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