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Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau (NMF&LB) signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to expand joint activities supporting the agencies’ shared goal of well-managed, sustainable farms. The agreement is the first among states in EPA Region 6, which also includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

The MOU formalizes a partnership between the two agencies to expand collaboration communication, education and outreach, and promoting training on agricultural practices that are good for business and the environment. The agencies will also work to recognize and promote examples of environmental stewardship within the agriculture community and to the general public.

“This agreement will strengthen the partnership between EPA and the New Mexico agriculture community and expand areas of collaboration,” said Acting Regional Administrator David Gray. “Finding more common ground will bring us closer to the goal of prosperous, well-managed farms and ranches that incorporate sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.”

“We are excited to join this collaboration with EPA as we work to share information between organizations on how best to support economically viable and sustainable agricultural practices,” said Chad Smith, NMF&LB CEO. “Farmers and ranchers have a vested interest in the protection and improvement of water and soil resources, and this partnership will move us towards this shared goal.”

Under the MOU, the agencies intend to:

  • Enhance coordination and communication by holding annual meetings to discuss priorities, activities, effective approaches and opportunities to collaborate; share updates throughout the year on relevant programs, policies and activities and coordinate on areas of common interest
  • Promote education and outreach to foster open dialog between EPA and the agriculture community; identify success, challenges and opportunities to work together
  • Recognize agriculture environmental stewardship by developing a new program for these efforts; highlight these achievements to the public and broader agricultural communities.

EPA and NMF&LB also plan to collaborate on an annual report highlighting collective achievements as a result of the MOU and plans for the following year.

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