On 30 June 2021, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1518 (2003) removed the following entry from its Sanctions List of individuals and entities:

B. Entities and other groups

A.k.a.: a) STATE ORGANIZATION FOR WATER AND SEWAGE b) GENERAL ESTABLISHMENT FOR WATER AND SEWAGE PROJECTS c) GENERAL ESTABLISHMENT FOR IMPLEMENTING WATER AND SEWERAGE PROJECTS d) GENERAL ESTABLISHMENT FOR OPERATION WATER AND SEWERAGE PROJECTS F.k.a.: na Address: a) Street no. 52, Alwiya, Al-Nahtha, near P.O. Box 5738, Baghdad, Iraq b) P.O. Box 1011, Basil Square, Baghdad, Iraq c) P.O. Box 1011, Al Wathba Square, Baghdad, Iraq Listed on: 26 Apr. 2004 Other information:

Press releases concerning changes to the Committee’s Sanctions List may be found in the “Press Releases” section on the Committee’s website at the following URL:  www.un.org/securitycouncil/sanctions/1518/press-releases.

The updated version of the Committee’s Sanctions List, available in HTML, PDF and XML format, may be found at the following URL:  www.un.org/securitycouncil/sanctions/1518/materials.

The United Nations Security Council Consolidated List is also updated following all changes made to the Committee’s Sanctions List and is accessible at the following URL:  www.un.org/securitycouncil/content/un-sc-consolidated-list.

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