Barrowtown Pump Station – Backup Power Generator

Install a backup power generator to maintain pumping operations and increase flood resiliency in the event of a power failure.



Cache Creek

Critical Infrastructure Flood Protection

Install new wells, raise the access road, decommission low-lying wells, and perform related works to protect the water treatment plant from floods and ensure uninterrupted access to safe drinking water.



Dawson Creek

102nd Avenue Crossing Replacement Project

Replace the 102nd Avenue creek crossing with a new span bridge and renovate the surrounding creek area to protect from scour, erosion, and flooding.



Nazko Indian Band

Three Nations Store and Lodge Flood Mitigation Works

Construct a 167-meter berm and raise Harris Road by approximately 100 meters to provide flood protection.



Nisga’a Village of Laxgalts’ap

Greenville Creek Sediment Mitigation

Repair 100 meters of dike damaged by a flash flood in 2020.



North Cowichan

Beverly Street Green Infrastructure Wetland Restoration Project

Add 5 new storm water detention and treatment wetland basins to an existing network of wetland basins to increase flood resilience.




Penticton Creek Flood Mitigation: Reach 3AU/ 3B

and Structure 3 and 4

Reconstruct flood mitigation infrastructure in Penticton Creek to make it more structurally and ecologically sound to withstand flood flows.



Uchuklesaht Tribe Government

Ehthlateese Village Flood Resiliency Project

Retrofit an existing watercourse channel with flood mitigation infrastructure to reduce extreme storm impacts.




Centre Stargulch Reservoir Improvements

Upgrade the dam to prevent flooding, including constructing berms, replacing various structures, and installing a siren alarm system.




Isintok Dam Low Level Outlet Replacement

Replace the existing low level outlet pipe with a new larger-capacity pipe to protect from erosion and flooding.




Flood Protection Improvements Project

Phase 1 & 2

Upgrade the North Maquinna Drive Floodwall, Cook Street Dike, and Boston Street Internal Drainage System to improve flood mitigation.



Williams Lake

River Valley and Toe of Frizzi Road Armouring

Strengthen bank protection, stabilize the slope, and control erosion to prevent future landslides.



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