Read the Mayor’s statement in reaction to the assassination.

I was shocked by the news of the assassination of President Jovenal Moïse of Haiti. I pray for First Lady Martine Moïse’s healing and her recovery. The people of Boston stand with the people of Haiti, and we support Boston’s Haitian community during this difficult time. We pray for Haiti through this time of transition. 

Deklarasyon Majistra Boston an nan dat 7 Jiyè, 2021

Mwen te choke pa nouvèl asasina Prezidan Jovenel Moïse an Ayiti. Mwen priye pou Premyè Dam Martine Moïse kabap geri ak retabli. Moun nan Boston yo kanpe an solidarite avèk moun an Ayiti yo, epi nou sipòte rezidan Ayisyen nou yo nan Boston pandan moman difisil sa a. Nap priye pou Ayiti nan tranzisyon sa a. 

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