EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents interdict four drug smuggling attempts worth over 482K.

Friday evening, Rio Grande City Border Patrol (RGC) agents were searching for several subjects suspected of illegally entering the United States near La Grulla, Texas. A Border Patrol K-9 team arrived at the area and discovered five abandoned bundles of marijuana. Agents continued to search the area for the suspects, however none were located. The marijuana weighed over 238 pounds with an estimated street value of nearly $190K.

That afternoon, a Fort Brown Border Patrol Station camera operator observed four subjects carrying bundles on their backs near the river by Brownsville, Texas. As agents approached, the subjects dropped the bundles and absconded. A search of the area revealed two bundles of marijuana weighing approximately 48 pounds with an estimated street value of over $39K. Agents were able to apprehend two of the four drug smugglers.

Saturday morning, the Harlingen Border Patrol Station received a call from the La Feria Police Department requesting assistance regarding possible illegal activity behind a store in Bluetown, Texas. As authorities arrived on scene, they discovered four bundles of marijuana behind the store and apprehended a male individual suspected of being involved in the smuggling attempt. The weight of the marijuana was approximately 191 pounds and worth almost $152K. The marijuana and male subject were turned over to La Feria Police Department.

Yesterday morning, RGC agents working in Rio Grande City, Texas, observed fresh footprints leading away from the river and into the United States. A Border Patrol K-9 team was deployed and led agents to three bundles of abandoned marijuana. A search of the immediate area yielded negative results for the smugglers. The marijuana weighed over 126 pounds and had an estimated street value of over $101K.

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