This webinar provides the foundational knowledge necessary to effectively engage in state and regional policy discussions around electricity markets. Experts discuss differences in how electricity markets are structured, review the basic functions of markets including their original purposes and current roles. The goal is to provide Governors’ advisors with a better understanding of the terminology, the processes, and the roles across the range of market structures.


  • History of electricity markets: why were they created, how have their roles evolved since then?
  • What is the difference between vertically integrated (regulated) and restructured (deregulated) electricity markets? Who owns the generation, transmission and distribution?
  • What are the types of wholesale markets that ISOs/RTOs typically oversee – real-time, day-ahead, capacity markets, and ancillary service markets?
  • How do state policies such as clean energy standards impact electricity markets?


  • Evelyn Robinson, Managing Partner, State Government Affairs, PJM Interconnection
  • Mark LeBel, Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project

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