The Department of Defense released Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 23) which provides guidance for implementing additional force health protection and workplace safety measures directed by the White House Safer Federal Workforce Task Force to reduce the transmission of the virus that causes the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In accordance with the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force guidance, attestation of an individual’s status as fully vaccinated or presentation of a recent negative COVID-19 test is a condition of physical access to DOD buildings and DOD-leased spaces in non-DOD buildings in which official DOD business takes place.

This guidance applies to all individuals issued a credential by DOD that affords the individual recurring access, classified herein as “credentialed recurring access” (CRA) (e.g., Common Access Cardholders), to DOD facilities, and to non-DOD individuals seeking access, one time or recurring, in association with the performance of official DOD business. Regardless of whether an individual is authorized to telework or perform remote work, all DOD civilian employees and DOD contractor personnel with CRA must attest to their vaccination status by completing DD Form 3150. Civilian employees and contractor personnel who are unvaccinated for COVID-19 or who decline to attest to their COVID-19 vaccination status will be subject to COVID-19 screening testing weekly. Such civilian employees and contractor personnel who refuse required screening testing will be denied access to DOD facilities.

Individuals other than visitors seeking access to facilities located on DOD installations but operated by other Federal Departments and Agencies will follow the policies and procedures of that other Department or Agency. Visitors will follow applicable policies and procedures of both DOD and the Department or Agency they are visiting.

View the memorandum for Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 23) – Department of Defense Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Attestation and Screening Testing for Unvaccinated Personnel.

DD Form 3150, used for attestation of vaccination status, is included as an attachment in the memorandum.

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