Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message to the thirty-sixth Annual Prayer Breakfast, today:

I welcome the chance to participate in this Annual Prayer Breakfast.

We can’t be together physically, but we are joined by our belief in peace, justice, human rights and human dignity.  By our concern for the planet and all people.  And by our solidarity with those who are suffering.

This gathering proves that diversity is strength.  As world leaders prepare to convene at the United Nations, we show the power of hope and humility.  Hope that we draw from our respective faiths.  And humility in seeking higher truths to address the world’s grave challenges.

I deeply appreciate today’s special prayer for the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Progress was already off-track.  It is now further threatened by COVID-19.

We must act in solidarity.  This gathering reminds us of how we can transcend borders, barriers and the boundaries by remembering that we are one human family.  Let us go forward with faith.

Thank you.

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