INDIO, Calif. – A U.S. Border Patrol agent assigned to the El Centro Sector rendered aid to a man who was choking in a shopping center parking lot Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:05 p.m., when an on-duty agent driving near the intersection of Jackson Street and Avenue 42 was flagged down by a parked motorist in an adjacent shopping center. The concerned motorist stated that her husband was actively choking and required assistance. In a quick response, the agent approached the conscious man, who appeared to be panicking and pointing towards his throat. The agent performed a single back blow to the man which resulted in the obstruction, a piece of chewed food, being freed from his airway.

Once his airway was cleared, the man was able to calm down and breathe normal. The agent closely monitored the man and offered to contact Emergency Medical Services. The couple had declined but were very grateful for the timely aid.

“I commend the lifesaving actions our agent performed.” said Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino.   “If not for his quick reaction and decision to render aid to a member of our community, a different outcome may have likely occurred.”

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