SPRINGFIELD, IL – The 2021 Illinois State Fair saw over 472,000 visitors walk through the gates making it the second highest attended fair since the department began tracking formal attendance numbers in 2014. Attendance at this year’s fair was surpassed only by the historic records set in 2019. The first weekend of the 2021 fair also saw attendance numbers increase by over 15,000 people compared to 2019. 
“The record attendance at this year’s state fair marks not only a successful return to the fairgrounds but a return to treasured traditions, community competition, and family fun after a difficult year,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Most importantly, the Department of Agriculture and the organizers of this year’s fair were able to welcome us back safely with strong COVID protocols in place  – making sure the health of fairgoers came first as we enjoyed all the fair has to offer.”

“We were happy to be able to hold the 2021 Illinois State Fair after it was canceled in 2020 and now seeing how many people came out to enjoy it with us is really special,” said Illinois State Fair Manager Kevin Gordon.  “Obviously this being the first fair after 2019’s near record setting year for attendance, the bar was set pretty high. I think being able to overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic and safely bring back so many families to the fairgrounds is a great accomplishment.”

Grandstand ticket sales and revenue saw over 44,500 tickets, generating over $1.5 million in revenue. Overall revenue numbers are not final, but the 2021 Illinois State Fair is estimating an overall revenue slightly over $5 million, ranking ninth for total revenue out of the last 20 years.

The 2022 Illinois State Fair is set to run August 11-21.

Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total % increase
2021 21,015 49,940 63,604 61,756 38,708 32,746 34,190 30,178 51,390 45,161 43,700 472,390
2019 35,961 39,053 59,040 59,925 44,044 36,818 37,897 37,732 51,641 51,515 55,274 508,900
Comparison -14,946 10,887 4,564 1,831 -5,336 -4,072 -3,707 -7,554 -251 -6,354 -11,574 -36,510 -7.2%

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