LAREDO, Texas – Within the span of 24 hours, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents along with federal law enforcements partners, Webb County Constable Precinct 2 (WCCP2), Webb County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), and Laredo Police Department (LPD) discovered two stash houses and apprehended nearly 100 undocumented individuals throughout Laredo, Texas.

 The first stash house was discovered during late afternoon of September 23 at a home on Ligarde Street by Laredo South Station agents and partners.  Over fifty undocumented individuals from the countries of Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras were apprehended.

The second incident occurred during the next evening, when agents from the Laredo North Station received information regarding several undocumented individuals being housed at a residence on Philadelphia Street.  Inside the residence were over 40 undocumented individuals from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

one of the stash house found in Laredo
Laredo Sector Border Patrol discovers individuals
at a stash house.

The apprehended individuals were not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when found.  The individuals were provided PPE and were medically screened before being processed accordingly.

The substandard conditions typically encountered when stash houses are found can foster a breeding ground for illnesses or other communicable diseases. Report suspicious activity in our neighborhoods to the Laredo Sector Border Patrol toll free at 1-800-343-1994.





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