November 9, 2021 – Members of the media are invited to make use of a package of videos, images and quotes on a Canada-funded project that protects argan forests in Morocco. 

Mélissa Harvey, an entrepreneur based in Montreal, co-founded Zorah Biocosmétiques 15 years ago when she travelled to Morocco and met with Berber women’s cooperatives that produce argan oil. Canadian cosmetics companies such as Zorah Biocosmétiques import about 10 tonnes of argan oil from Morocco annually, which is about the weight of 50,000 hockey pucks. The oil largely comes from cooperatives such as those involved in a project supported by Canada’s climate financing program. 

This project, part of Canada’s contribution to the Green Climate Fund, is focused on planting and preserving argan orchards to take pressure off argan forests. The project not only ensures climate change mitigation and adaptation, it also fosters women’s cooperatives, providing women with sustainable incomes and improving their social standing.

Some 20 percent of the surface area of argan forests has been lost over the last decade, with 500 to 600 hectares of the trees disappearing each year due to urbanization—an area larger than Stanley Park in Vancouver. The forests are also threatened due to the impact of climate change on its ability to regenerate.


This content package includes video interviews, quotes, B-roll and images from the project in Morocco and from Zorah Biocosmétiques in Montreal. The content is for non-commercial use only. 

To access the full package, media may contact: Media Relations Office

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