Hello everyone, it’s great to be here with all of you. Thank you, Chasity, for that kind introduction.

Today we honor the service of our brave men and women in uniform and remember the sacrifice of those who fought and died to keep America safe. To our veterans across the armed forces – thank you.

Regardless of whether you served at home or abroad − we are deeply grateful to you and your families for all you’ve done to serve our country. For me, it’s personal. My dad served in the U.S. Navy during World War II aboard the U.S.S. Amsterdam in the South Pacific. He was proud of his service, and we were proud of him.

We’re fortunate to have many veterans here at the Department of Commerce – where your service continues. Our veterans return to civilian life with incredible skills – and it’s our greatest fortune to count them among us. Your leadership and your contributions help move our mission at the Commerce Department forward. So, let’s reflect today on the values of our military: service, integrity, and supporting our fellow Americans – especially in times of crisis.

As we recover from the pandemic, we need to lean on those values more than ever. Let us honor the memory and service of the veterans who are no longer with us, and celebrate the achievements of those who are. On behalf of the Commerce Department − thank you for your service.

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