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Company Must Dispose of Existing Hazardous Waste Before Accepting More Waste at its Facilities

WASHINGTON (Nov. 15, 2021) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announced a settlement with US Technology Media (UST Media) to resolve alleged violations of hazardous waste environmental laws at UST Media’s facilities in Georgia, Ohio, and Utah. Under this settlement agreement, UST Media will pay a $200,000 civil penalty. This settlement resolves alleged violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and related state laws and regulations. 

“US Technology Media placed the communities around its facilities at increased risk of exposure by failing to properly manage its hazardous waste” said Acting Assistant Administrator Larry Starfield for the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “This settlement agreement will ensure all future handling of hazardous waste by US Technology Media is done in compliance with environmental regulations.”

The alleged RCRA violations include improper management and storage of hazardous waste without a RCRA permit.  UST Media generated a spent blast media (SBM) that is toxic for cadmium, chromium and lead and accumulated it at all three of UST Media’s facilities.  As part of this settlement, UST Media will cease receipt of SBM at all facilities until the company disposes of the 3.4 million pounds of this material currently on site in compliance with the Consent Agreement. If the company chooses to accept hazardous SBM in the future, it will do so in compliance with all applicable hazardous waste laws. 

The Consent Agreement and Final Order is effective on November 15, 2021.

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