Gottfriedson Indian Residential School Day Scholars settlement claims process now open

Taking care: We recognize this news release may contain information that is difficult for many and that our efforts to honour Survivors and families may act as an unwelcome reminder for those who have suffered hardships through generations of government policies that were harmful to Indigenous Peoples.

A National Indian Residential School Crisis Line is available to provide support to former residential school students who can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-Hour National Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419.

There is also the Hope for Wellness Help Line for Indigenous Peoples at 1-855-242-3310 or by the online chat through the help line website at

January 4, 2022 — Ottawa, Ontario — Crown–Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Today marks the implementation of the Gottfriedson Indian Residential School Day Scholars Settlement Agreement for the Survivor and Descendant Classes.

Together with Survivors, Descendants and their counsel, Canada has worked towards a lasting and meaningful resolution for tens of thousands of Day Scholars who attended a residential school.

Under the terms of the agreement, all eligible Day Scholars will receive $10,000 in individual compensation for attending an Indian Residential School as a Day Scholar.

The settlement also provides $50 million towards the creation of the Day Scholars Revitalization Society, an Indigenous-led not-for-profit corporation to support healing, wellness, education, language, culture, heritage and commemoration activities for the Survivor and Descendant classes.

More information on the settlement or the claims process can be found on the court-appointed claims administrator’s (Deloitte’s) website or on the notice provider’s website.

The implementation of the settlement for Day Scholars and their Descendants is an important step forward and provides a measure of healing for Indigenous Peoples who attended these institutions and their descendants.

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