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FDA Roundup: May 24, 2022 Federal investigation recovers $77K in back wages for state employee wrongly denied protected medical leave, illegally terminated Federal Reserve Board – Federal Reserve Board announces approval of application by Alerus Financial Corporation Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on the Progress of the Naming Commission > U.S. Department of Defense > Release News Release – VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Urges Floridians to Prepare for an Active 2022 Hurricane Season Notice on Russian Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions General License 9C Governor Cooper Highlights North Carolina Education Corps at Moore Magnet Elementary School in Forsyth County, Encourages People to Apply to be Tutors SEC Charges TradeZero America and Co-Founder with Deceiving Customers about Meme Stock Trading Halts


The following individuals have been added to OFAC’s SDN List: 

AKHMATOV, Dzhabrail Alkhazurovich (Cyrillic: АХМАТОВ, Джабраил Алхазурович) (a.k.a. AKHMATOV, Dzhabrail (Cyrillic: АХМАТОВ, Джабраил)), Kurchaloi District, Chechen Republic, Russia; DOB 1981; POB Gudermes, Chechen Republic, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [MAGNIT]. 
BULGAKOV, Dmitry, Russia; DOB 20 Oct 1954; POB Verkhneye Gurovo, Kursk Region, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
EVKUROV, Yunus-Bek (a.k.a. YEVKUROV, Yunus-Bek), Russia; DOB 30 Jul 1963; POB Tarskoye, Prigorodny District, North Ossetia, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
IVANOV, Timur (a.k.a. IVANOV, Timur Vadimovich), Russia; DOB 12 Aug 1975; POB Moscow, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
KHUTAEV, Khusein Merlovich (Cyrillic: ХУТАЕВ, Хусейн Мерлович) (a.k.a. KHUTAEV, Khusein (Cyrillic: ХУТАЕВ, Хусейн); a.k.a. KHUTAEV, Khussein; a.k.a. KHUTAYEV, Hussein), Achkhoy-Martan, Chechen Republic, Russia; DOB 1975; POB Stavropol Territory, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [MAGNIT]. 
KRIVORUCHKO, Aleksey (a.k.a. KRIVORUCHKO, Alexei), Russia; DOB 17 Jul 1975; POB Stavropol, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
LUKASHENKA, Halina Radzivonawna (a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Galina Rodionovna (Cyrillic: ЛУКАШЕНКО, Галина Родионовна)), Belarus; DOB 01 Jan 1955; nationality Belarus; Gender Female (individual) [BELARUS]. 
MIKHEEV, Aleksander Aleksandrovich (a.k.a. MIKHEEV, Alexander A.; a.k.a. MIKHEYEV, Alexander), Russia; DOB 18 Nov 1961; POB Moscow, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
MUSHNIKOVA, Natalia Evgenievna (Cyrillic: МУШНИКОВА, Наталья Евгеньевна) (a.k.a. MUSHNIKOVA, Natalya (Cyrillic: МУШНИКОВА, Наталья)), Moscow, Russia; DOB 11 Feb 1973; nationality Russia; Gender Female (individual) [MAGNIT]. 
PANKOV, Nikolay (a.k.a. PANKOV, Nikolai), Russia; DOB 02 Dec 1954; POB Mar’yino, Kostroma Region, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
SADOVENKO, Yuriy (a.k.a. SADOVENKO, Yuri), Russia; DOB 11 Sep 1969; POB Zhitomyr, Ukraine; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
SALAMOV, Nurid Denilbekovich (Cyrillic: САЛАМОВ, Нурид Денильбекович) (a.k.a. SALAMOV, Nurid (Cyrillic: САЛАМОВ, Нурид)), Geldagan, Kurchaloi District, Chechen Republic, Russia; DOB 1987; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [MAGNIT]. 
SHUGAYEV, Dmitry (a.k.a. SHUGAEV, Dmitry Evgenyevich), Moscow, Russia; DOB 11 Aug 1965; POB Moscow, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
TSALIKOV, Ruslan, Russia; DOB 31 Jul 1956; POB Ordzhonikidze, North Ossetia, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 
ZHIDKO, Gennady, Russia; DOB 12 Sep 1965; POB Uzbekistan; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 

The following entity has been added to OFAC’s SDN List: 

KURCHALOI DISTRICT OF THE CHECHEN REPUBLIC BRANCH OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (Cyrillic: ОТДЕЛ МИНИСТЕРСТВА ВНУТРЕННИХ ДЕЛ РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ ПО КУРЧАЛОЕВСКОМУ РАЙОНУ ЧЕЧЕНСКОЙ РЕСПУБЛИКИ) (a.k.a. KURCHALOI DISTRICT BRANCH OF THE MVD OF RUSSIA (Cyrillic: ОТДЕЛ МВД РОССИИ ПО КУРЧАЛОЕВСКОМУ РАЙОНУ); a.k.a. KURCHALOI DISTRICT MVD BRANCH (Cyrillic: ОТДЕЛ МВД ПО КУРЧАЛОЕВСКОМУ РАЙОНУ); a.k.a. KURCHALOI DISTRICT POLICE DEPARTMENT; a.k.a. KURCHALOI OMVD (Cyrillic: КУРЧАЛОЕВСКОЕ ОМВД); a.k.a. KURCHALOI POLICE; a.k.a. KURCHALOI ROVD (Cyrillic: КУРЧАЛОЕВСКОЕ РОВД); a.k.a. KURCHALOY DIVISION OF THE RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS; a.k.a. KURCHALOY POLICE DEPARTMENT; a.k.a. KURCHALOYEVSKY DISTRICT POLICE DEPARTMENT; a.k.a. KURCHALOYEVSKY POLICE DEPARTMENT; a.k.a. MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS IN KURCHALOYEVSKY DISTRICT), 163a A.A. Kadyrov Prospekt, Kurchaloi, Kurchaloi District, Chechen Republic 366329, Russia (Cyrillic: Дом 163 А, Проспект А.А.  Кадырова, Город Курчалой, Район Курчалоевский, Чеченская Республика 366329, Russia); 83 A.Kh.  Kadyrov Street, Kurchaloi village, Kurchaloi district, Chechen Republic, Russia (Cyrillic: улица А-Х.Кадырова, №83, село Курчалой, Курчалоевский район, Чеченская республика, Russia); Organization Established Date 16 Nov 2004; Tax ID No. 2027000900 (Russia); Registration Number 1042002408140 (Russia) [MAGNIT]. 

The following changes have been made to OFAC’s SDN List: 

LUKASHENKA, Alyaksandr Hryhoryavich (a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aleksandr Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aleksandr Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aleksandr Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aleksandr Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alexander Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alexander Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alexander Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alexander Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aliaksandr Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aliaksandr Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aliaksandr Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Aliaksandr Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alyaksandr Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alyaksandr Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alyaksandr Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aleksandr Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aleksandr Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aleksandr Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aleksandr Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alexander Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alexander Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alexander Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alexander Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aliaksandr Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aliaksandr Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aliaksandr Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aliaksandr Ryhoravich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alyaksandr Grigorievich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alyaksandr Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alyaksandr Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alyaksandr Ryhoravich); DOB 30 Aug 1954; POB Kopys, Vitebsk oblast, Belarus; President (individual) [BELARUS]. -to- LUKASHENKA, Alyaksandr Ryhorovich (Cyrillic: ЛУКАШЭНКА, Аляксандр Рыгоравiч) (a.k.a. LUKASHENKA, Alyaksandr Hryhoryavich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aleksander Grigoriyevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Aleksandr Grigorevich (Cyrillic: ЛУКАШЕНКО, Александр Григорьевич); a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alexander Grigoryevich; a.k.a. LUKASHENKO, Alexandr Grigorievich), Official residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus Drozdiy, pr-d Drozdiy, 11, Minsk, Belarus (Cyrillic: официальная резиденция Президента Республики Беларусь Дрозды, пр-д Дрозды, 11, Минск, Belarus); 38 Karl Marx St., Minsk, Belarus; DOB 30 Aug 1954; alt. DOB 31 Aug 1954; POB Kopys, Vitebsk oblast, Belarus; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS]. 
ZOLOTOV, Viktor Vasiliyevich, Russia; DOB 27 Jan 1954; POB Ryazanskaya oblast, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Director of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops and Commander of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13661]. -to- ZOLOTOV, Viktor (a.k.a. ZOLOTOV, Viktor Vasilyevich), Russia; DOB 27 Jan 1954; POB Ryazanskaya oblast, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13661] [RUSSIA-EO14024]. 

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