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The Department of Defense announced today an “Innovation Pathways” website providing a “one-stop shop” for the DoD innovation ecosystem. Located at, the site serves as a gateway to the Department’s efforts to bring in new ideas and technology, with a special focus on students, universities, and businesses.

“The Innovation Pathways website is one part of our on-going efforts to make it easier for those across the innovation ecosystem, including small businesses, new entrants to the defense markets, universities, and traditional defense suppliers, to find ways to collaborate with the DoD and each other,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks. “For the first time, the Department has a website that puts the range of these different opportunities across the Department in one place.” 

The new website features user-friendly sections, called “pathways,” to quickly provide the most relevant information to the user based on interests. The first is for the academic community. Students and faculty can search available DoD internships, grants, scholarships, and research opportunities. Second, there is a pathway for those in the commercial sector seeking business opportunities with the DoD. Businesses can also learn about ways to seek specific science, technology, prototyping, and experimentation opportunities. The last pathway is designed for military personnel and DoD civilians looking to leverage existing projects, participate in workshops, or collaborate. There is an additional option to explore all the various DoD Innovation organizations. All users, both inside and outside the DoD, can apply filtering criteria based on their unique interests to find relevant DoD innovation organizations.

The site is the result of work conducted by the Innovation Steering Group (ISG), an initiative created by Deputy Secretary Hicks and chaired by the Office of Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu. The ISG features representatives across the department including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the military services, combatant commands, and the Joint Staff. The department plans to periodically update the Innovation Pathways website to be responsive to user needs and technology advances.  

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