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First Batch of 30 Major Stocks Prescribed to the Fish Stocks Provisions
Common Stock Name Stock Status in Relation to Limit Reference Point **
Atlantic cod, Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) 3Pn4RS* Below
Atlantic cod, NAFO 2J3KL* Below
Atlantic cod, NAFO 3Ps* Below
Atlantic cod, NAFO 4TVn* Below
Atlantic halibut, NAFO 3NOPs4VWX5Z Above
Atlantic herring, NAFO 4T (Spring Spawner)* Below
Atlantic mackerel* Below
Bocaccio rockfish* Below
Chinook salmon, West Coast of Vancouver Island* Below
Chinook salmon, Okanagan* Below
Coho salmon, Interior Fraser* Below
Lobster, Lobster Fishing Areas 19-21 Above
Northern shrimp, SFA 6* Below
Northern shrimp, SFA 8 Above
Northern shrimp, SFA 9 Above
Northern shrimp, SFA 10 Above
Northern shrimp, SFA 12 Above
Pacific hake, offshore Above
Pacific herring, Haida Gwaii* Below
American plaice, NAFO 4T* Below
Acadian redfish, Unit 3 Above
Sablefish Above
Silver hake, NAFO 4VWX Above
Snow crab, Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Above
Snow crab, North-Eastern Nova Scotia (N-ENS) Above
Snow crab, South-Eastern Nova Scotia (S-ENS) Above
Winter flounder, NAFO 4T* Below
White hake, NAFO 4T* Below
Yelloweye rockfish, Inside waters* Below
Yelloweye rockfish, Outside waters Above

*Require a rebuilding plan that is compliant with the Fish Stocks provisions and the new regulatory amendments 

**Current stock status as stated in the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement (RIAS). Stock status was taken from the 2020 Sustainability Survey for Fisheries. This may not reflect the current stock status if a more recent stock assessment was conducted.

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