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Today, Governor Roy Cooper announced the North Carolina National Guard will provide military equipment to Ukraine in its ongoing fight against Russian aggression.

“The reports of war crimes perpetrated by Russian forces amid their ongoing attacks on Ukraine are heartbreaking and demand serious action,” said Governor Roy Cooper. “North Carolina stands with the people of Ukraine and is ready to support their fight for democracy and freedom.”  

The NC Army National Guard, at the request of the Department of Defense, are providing M-113 Armored Personnel Carriers as part of a larger US support package to Ukraine.

In February, Governor Cooper signed Executive Order No. 251 in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that directed state government agencies and departments to review all existing contracts and operations and to terminate any agreements or operations that directly benefit Russian entities.

The Executive Order covered all state government agencies and departments over which the Governor has executive authority, as well as state entities for which the Governor appoints the chief executive or a majority of the board members. The order included alcohol sales through the North Carolina ABC Commission and purchasing and contracting through the Department of Administration.

Governor Cooper has also shared a list of state government support resources for military service members and their families as military personnel based in North Carolina are deployed due to Russia’s unjustified attack on Ukraine.


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