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News Release 2022-89 | July 19, 2022

WASHINGTON—The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced the selection of Patricia Grady as Deputy Chief Counsel and Jonathan Fink as Associate Chief Counsel.

Ms. Grady will provide legal advice to the Chief Counsel and senior OCC officials on significant legal, policy and administrative issues, focused primarily on enforcement, litigation, and internal agency matters, including related legal interpretations. She will report to the Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel and will assume these duties in August 2022.

Ms. Grady currently serves as the Director in Administrative and Internal Law, where she leads staff responsible for providing advice and counsel on legal and policy matters concerning the management and operations of the OCC.

Mr. Fink will provide guidance and legal assistance to OCC management with respect to complex issues of national significance and undertake special assignments for the Chief Counsel and Deputy Chief Counsels. He will also assist with managerial and supervisory direction for the Chief Counsel’s Office (CCO), and lead staff responsible for managing operations, budget, attorney hiring & retention matters, and diversity and inclusion matters in CCO. He will report to the Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel and will assume these duties in August 2022.

Mr. Fink currently serves as the Assistant Chief Counsel. In March 2022, he assumed additional responsibilities as the OCC’s Climate Risk Officer, where he leads the agency’s climate risk efforts related to supervision, policy, and external engagement. He will retain these responsibilities until a permanent Climate Risk Officer selection is made.

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