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SAN DIEGO — Long Beach Marine Interdiction agents assigned to San Diego Air and Marine Operations (AMO) took control of a burning recreational vessel after a sudden explosion, near Newport Harbor, Sunday afternoon.

While AMO agents were patrolling waters near Newport Harbor they witnessed a sudden explosion come from a recreational vessel that was tied to a public fuel dock station. 

During the explosion, all occupants either jumped into the water or were able to make it to the dock. The fuel attendant was able to untie the vessel and set it adrift to prevent the dock from catching on fire. 

AMO crewmembers quickly assisted with the evolving situation, they were able to gain control of the burning vessel and extinguish the fire. Emergency Medical Trained crewmembers also rendered medical aide to three of the individuals that were injured during the explosion.

“I am very thankful that our agents were able to use their extensive first responder training and capabilities to help extinguish the vessel’s fire and the persons injured,” said Air and Marine Operations Director, Brandon Tucker.

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