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Employer:                              Godly Security Agency LLC

Investigation site:                  1712 Kingsley Ave. Orange Park, FL 32073

Investigation findings: U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigators found Godly Security Agency LLC – a security service provider – failed to compensate some employees for all hours worked. By doing so, the employer allowed the hourly rate of some employees to fall below the federal minimum wage, a Fair Labor Standards Act violation. The employer also failed to pay some workers overtime rates when they exceeded 40 hours in a workweek.

Back Wages Recovered: $22,341 in back wages for 28 workers.

Quote: “This case demonstrates the Wage and Hour Division’s commitment to ensuring essential workers receive the pay they have rightfully earned,” said Wage and Hour Division District Director Wildalí De Jesús in Orlando, Florida. “Employers who fail to record and pay all hours worked hurt their workers by denying the wages they need to make ends meet. We encourage employers and employees to contact the Wage and Hour Division with any questions or concerns regarding pay practices.”

Background: Employers can contact the Wage and Hour Division at its toll-free number, 1-866-4-US-WAGE. The division also offers numerous online resources for employers, such as a fact sheet on Fair Labor Standards Act wage laws overtime requirements. Workers who feel they may not be getting the wages they earned may contact a Wage and Hour Division representative in their state through a list and interactive online map on the agency’s website. Workers and employers alike can help ensure hours worked and pay are accurate by downloading the department’s Android Timesheet App for free.

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