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DSN is the acronym for “direct source news.” It is an aggregated news site, aggregating news from establishments, including public companies, government offices, and political offices across the 50 states.

Our sources are “direct source news,” meaning the news is prepared and submitted to our site via RSS feeds.  We are not journalists.  We do not write the information. Instead, we aggregate the story and spread it across the web using our highly optimized site (s) and possibly publish it on our parent site, STL.News.  The report is presented to the public as it was originally intended to be disclosed.

Our objective is to help publicly traded companies and government offices, agencies, and commissions to spread their press releases efficiently across the web using their content.

News published on STL.News will be auto-shared to the syndication network.

Our concept of “direct source news” explained; we obtain our news stories as presented on the sources website that they have classified as a “press release.” We do NOT revise any of the content. Our expertise helps the organizations distribute their information to the major search engines and social media platforms using our network.

Our opinion is that there is a certain amount of news that does not need, and in some cases, should not be revised by journalists.  Obviously, a significant amount of “news” is NOT news but rather an attempt to influence public opinion.  We have no political agenda.  We will not publish information that reflects our political opinions.  We want to help inform you about relevant news.  We will leave it up to the “journalists” to spin the story to fit their agendas.

DirectSourceNews.org is owned by STL.News, LLC and is hosted, designed, and managed by WebTech Group.  If you experience spam and phishing injections from this site, please contact WebTech Group, our webmaster.

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